Duc Tuan – Doi Mat Nguoi Son Tay

This Vietnamese music CD album from Phuong Nam Film Music Production, CD album title Duc Tuan – Doi Mat Nguoi Son Tay. Read more for sample audio music and detail of the album. Some might have video clips.

1 – Nua Hon Thuong Dau – Duc Tuan
2 – Xom Dem – Duc Tuan
3 – Doi Mat Nguoi Son Tay – Duc Tuan
4 – Sang Rung – Duc Tuan
5 – Mong Duoi Hoa – Duc Tuan
6 – Tieng Dan Chai – Duc Tuan
7 – Hoi Trung Duong – Duc Tuan

Duc Tuan – Doi Mat Nguoi Son Tay

Type – ID: CD23564

Label / Production:
Phuong Nam Film

Sale Price: $3.99

remove%%%href=”http://ra.vnunited.com/vietmusic_new_albums/jan06/DucTuanDoiMatNguoiSonTay/DucTuanDoiMatNguoiSonTay.wma>Audio song right click – save as – Play with Windows Media PLayer

No longer available


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