Tran Tam – Nguoi Phu Nu Tu Tin

This Vietnamese music CD album from Vafaco Music Production, CD album title Tran Tam – Nguoi Phu Nu Tu Tin. Read more for sample audio music and detail of the album. Some might have video clips.

Tran Tam – Nguoi Phu Nu Tu Tin

Type – ID: CD21433

Label / Production:

Sale Price: $8.99

1 – Cho Di Cuoc Tinh – Tran Tam
2 – Em Da Ra Di – Tran Tam
3 – Nguoi Phu Nu Tu Thin – Tran Tam
4 – Vi Dang Tinh Yeu – Tran Tam
5 – Vu Dieu Chachacha – Tran Tam
6 – Me Oi! Con Se Tro Ve – Tran Tam
7 – Dau Mot Lan Roi Thoi! – Tran Tam
8 – Dau Mot Lan Roi Thoi (duet) – Uyen Trang

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No longer available


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